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Hyper ride is New Zealand's largest online Action Camera shop bringing you the best prices and largest range in Australasia. We have a huge range of Cameras and accessories for all your Action sports needs. If it’s a Gopro, Drift, DJI, Parrot, Aee or Replay Camera rest assured you are in the right place. We stock everything we sell right here in our Auckland New Zealand warehouse. Our range of Batteries, cases, housings, cables, poles and loads more. We stock only the best brands such like Gopro Drift DJI Replay Aee to name a few.


Buying from us online you will enjoy super fast shipping along with a 99 day returns policy for stress free purchases. Our warehouse in Auckland means that you can have a quick turn around. Checkout our world wide pricing policies, to ensure you get the best deal world wide on your next Camera related product.  We also have crazy deals every day on all sorts of action sport products so make sure you sign up to our database and facebook page so you don’t miss out.