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'Hyper Ride' came to realisation in 2007 when owners of a wholesale skate and wake company decided they wanted to share their years of action sports experience directly with customers online.

It was great timing - They opened up shop in Auckland and added an online store just as the internet was taking off.

Fifteen years later Hyper Ride is now one of the biggest online action sports retailers in NZ. We are still striving to give the best customer experience online with a dedicated team of enthusiasts to ensure you get the best possible service and advice.

Our warehouse in Penrose stocks over 250+ brands and carries thousands of different product lines.

We now have a full range of Bike, Surf, Wake, Snow, Wetsuits and more ready to be shipped out daily.

What does this mean for you? Awesome customer service, loads of product to choose from and an easy and quick website experience!

[Simon Furness, jpg]

Simon Furness

[Ken Jiang, jpg]

Ken Jiang

[Nick Furness, jpg]

Nick Furness

[Steve Bews, jpg]

Steve Bews

[Alex Feilo-Makapa, jpg]

Alex Feilo-Makapa

[Alex Innes, jpg]

Alex Innes

[Ben Morse, jpg]

Ben Morse

[Ben Watkinson, jpg]

Ben Watkinson

[Charlie Tulaga, jpg]

Charlie Tulaga

[Dayna Taylor, jpg]

Dayna Taylor

[Greta Sturmfels, jpg]

Greta Sturmfels

[Harry Clark, jpg]

Harry Clark

[Jacqui Furness, jpg]

Jacqui Furness

[James Williams, jpg]

James Williams

[Jason Ramos, jpg]

Jason Ramos

[Jonathan Reid, jpg]

Jonathan Reid

[Luke Carter, jpg]

Luke Carter

[Majella Mcintosh, jpg]

Majella Mcintosh

[Michael Lan, jpg]

Michael Lan


Michael Niedzwicki

[Muta Dawson, jpg]

Muta Dawson

[Nico Batenburg, jpg]

Nico Batenburg

[Noelene Coombe, jpg]

Noelene Coombe

[Richard Bush, jpg]

Richard Bush

[Rico Padayao, jpg]

Rico Padayao

[Rory Bloomfield, jpg]

Rory Bloomfield

[Scott Connor, jpg]

Scott Connor

[Sean McGruddy, jpg]

Sean McGruddy

[Shaun Gillespie, jpg]

Shaun Gillespie

[Simon Gouldstone, jpg]

Simon Gouldstone

[Ting Lo, jpg]

Ting Lo

[Vincent Ho, jpg]

Vincent Ho

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